Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order clones?

Clones can be ordered via here

What vector was used?

pBluescript II KS+ (Stratagene pBluescript info page)

What breed/strain of chickens do the ESTs originate from?

Note: IAH = Institute of Animal Health, RPL = Regional Poultry Laboratory, East Lansing, Michigan

How do I download sequences?

On the main page, click on the link to and read the messages for further instructions (the data is in pub/chickest/fastafiles/).
Data can be downloaded for each of the individual sequencing projects or individual tissues.

Can I get hold of quality scores or trace files for the sequences?

At present the trace files for individual EST reads can be downloaded from the information page for that EST (e.g. 603103685F1).   These trace files represent the un-clipped (raw) EST sequences.  Quality scores for the clipped EST sequences will be made available soon (via. the EST information page).

What's the best way to pick clones for in-situ hybridisations?

We are currently working on an in-silico subtraction technique to isolate clones which are potentially unique to any given tissue or set of tissues. This will be available via this site in the near future.   If there are any subtractions you wish to carry out in the meantime, please get in touch with who is working on this system and has provided custom subtractions for a number of researchers to date.

Do the libraries contain a substantial amount of contamination from genomic DNA?

Please view the following page for a more complete discussion on this topic.
Genomic contamination FAQ

Why do other chicken EST sets appear to have more known genes in them?

Please view the following page for a more complete discussion on this topic.
Hit rate FAQ